Hire the Pros to Clear Your Property

Hire us for demolition services in the Lafayette, LA area

Existing structures on your property can get in the way of new construction and hold up development projects. When you want to start your construction on a clean slate, hire One Young Man And A Tractor for demolition services in Lafayette, LA. Our team can remove concrete structures, buildings and more.

Call us at 337-298-4993 to schedule an appointment for your concrete demolition services.

Our demolition process in 5 easy steps

For all of our demolition services, we follow a five-step process to ensure the best possible results. We will:

  1. Visit your property to overview the project and give an estimate
  2. Schedule a date for demolition
  3. Complete the demolition
  4. Remove all debris and materials
  5. Bring in dirt to level off the demolition area

Learn more about how you can schedule your concrete demolition services when you contact us now.